fiber art and illustration


poofinburd [capitalization intentional] is a fiber and visual artist with a focus on animal and science fiction themes. They’re known as both poof and Licorice, and have had a strong online presence under the ‘Licorice’ handle since 2011, and under a variety of now-unused names since 2003.

poof has been knitting and crocheting nonstop since being taught by their Nana at the age of 9, and hasn’t set their sticks and string down since. They’re a strong promoter of “yarnbombing”, knit-in-public days, and alternative knitting techniques. By combining thousand year old methods of knitting with modern interests such as furry and anime, poof hopes to introduce both communities to the artform and show that it isn’t as dated as many perceive it to be.

By combining digital and traditional art methods, poof also creates a variety of illustrative work. Utilizing colored pencils, water-based markers, acrylic paint, watercolors, and a variety of found media with digital editing and especially glitch art, poof focuses on creating heavily textured works that run the gamut from entirely hand-painted to heavily distorted digital renderings. Much of their work is available as prints, stickers, buttons, and other physical goods.

In addition to the above, poof also sews a variety of accessories for furries and their costumes, and a selection of animal-themed home goods. These include hand-sewn lanyards, fursuit bandanas, animal-print coffee cozies and bags, and the occasional plushie.

poof began casually vending their craft online in late 2013, and buckled down in 2016. They sold at their first convention, Furrydelphia, in 2017 in the artist’s alley, and had a fantastic time, 28 hour round trip drive excluded. Since January 2018, they have focused full-time on artwork, with the encouragement of their partner and close friends. Their first time in a Dealers Den was at AnthroCon in 2018.

Before this, poof obtained 1/2 of a culinary arts degree, 1/4 of a criminal psychology degree, and 1/4 of an agricultural science degree before graduating with a generic associate’s degree. They previously worked as a line cook in a variety of kitchen environments for over 6 years.

poof is currently living happily with their partner, IcVulpes, and their dog, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Prin, in Maryland, at the tippity-top of the Chesapeake Bay. They are a femme-presenting agender person and use they/them pronouns. In their free time, poof enjoys cooking, geocaching, and watching dog shows and dog sports.